Nonprofit organizations within Los Angeles County with housing programs for the developmentally disabled have extensive waiting lists of 5+ years. Through collaborative partnerships, Key Community Housing will continue to respond to the lack of safe, affordable and accessible homes for community members with low incomes and special needs.

Currently, Key Community Housing’s 11 homes include deed restrictions that ensure that the homes will be used for their intended nonprofit purpose in perpetuity, to be utilized for the developmentally disabled. All additional homes acquired in the future will also include similar deed restrictions in the legal documents to highlight each home’s charitable objective.

Since 2006, Key Community Housing has refined and enhanced each home for each resident. The experience that Key Community Housing has gained from this line of work is invaluable to its project development and expansion. The organization has served the property management role and has architecturally defined each home to best serve the residents. Wheelchair ramps and other critical person-centered modifications have been established to serve the mobility and healthcare needs of each resident. In addition, Key Community Housing provides customized services which include routine and long-term maintenance, property inspections, emergency maintenance plans, and vendor referrals and dispatch.

The development projects pictured below are now the accessible, permanent, safe, affordable homes for developmentally disabled members of our community.

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