About Us

Key Community Housing is a 501(c) (3) non-profit public benefit corporation whose mission is to provide affordable, community-based supportive housing for individuals with special housing needs. By creating collaborative partnerships, Key Community Housing has diligently responded to the housing crisis in Southern California for low income individuals with developmental or other disabilities.


Founded in 2007, Key Community Housing has grown into a full-service housing agency providing housing opportunities through housing acquisitions, development, property management and other housing related services. Key Community Housing’s dedicated employees and volunteer Board of Directors currently oversee 11 adult residential homes. Key Community Housing properties are safe, affordable, and accessible homes for over 45 community members with special needs.


One of Key Community Housing’s core programs is the ongoing maintenance and management of community-based housing for people with developmental disabilities who are transitioning out of the Lanterman Development Center. Key Community Housing works in collaboration with the Eastern Los Angeles Regional Center, a non-profit which provides community-based services to people with developmental disabilities.


Long-term housing opportunities were created as Key Community Housing acquired existing homes and made the critical modifications necessary to meet the special health care needs of each individual. In addition to supportive housing development, Key Community Housing provides affordable customized property management services which include routine maintenance, long-term scheduled maintenance, property inspections, emergency maintenance plans, and vendor referrals and dispatch.


Since its inception, Key Community Housing continues to be a catalyst for addressing the housing crisis in Southern California. By creating collaborative partnerships and bringing awareness to current housing needs, Key Community Housing will continue to respond to the lack of safe, affordable, and accessible homes for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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